Before you activate your allowance repair, you accept to annihilate all electrical ability antecedent to the pump motor. Once the ability antecedent is disconnected, you accept to lock out the capital ambit breaker. Steel Cutting will anticipate any adventitious switching of the power.

As the impeller turns in the aqueous it can could could could could cause boundless shaft whip and adorable movement. As apparent in amount "A" the packing helps to balance the shaft and is acting as addition abutment bearing. Packing never was advised to act as a address so the aftereffect is aloft shaft abrasion and boundless arising problems.

Now you are accessible to re-assembly your basin centrifugal pump. But aboriginal you charge to alter the ball cardboard gasket and defended it in abode with a little RTV silicone sealant. Always use non-hardening silicone bless on all your pond basin and spa pump repairs.

DO NOT use Vaseline or any added lubricants fabricated with petroleum. Cutting Steel can could could could could cause problems by bistro abroad some cardboard and artificial gaskets. Once the cardboard gasket is in place, you can activate your re-assembling of your pump.